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Welcome to the official website of Gymnazium Omska Model United Nations (GOMUN). This website designed by the Organisation Team offers you all the important and useful information regarding the GOMUN conference – an annual event organised in accordance with the concept of Model United Nations (MUN) in Prague, Czech Republic.

What is MUN?

Model United Nations (abbrev. MUN) is an educational event invented for high-school students from all over the world. The concept simulates a UN conference during which students (delegates of UN countries) separate into various committees and discuss today’s greatest issues. During a two-day debate the delegates are supposed to come up with a solution suitable for the majority of countries represented at the conference. These solutions are then discussed at the General Assembly, the great finish that all MUN conferences lead to. The debate is moderated by realistic Rules of Procedure which the participants have to comply with.

What is GOMUN?

Gymnázium Omská Model United Nations is a Prague based MUN, named after the organising school. GOMUN is ready to host seasoned MUN veterans as well as complete newcomers. Our beginner-friendly concept allows every inexperienced delegate to hit the ground running straightaway. GOMUN also provides, besides the traditional awards, the Best Newcomer award for the most distinguished MUN first-timers in each committee.
Nonetheless, experienced delegates do not need to worry as thanks to our chairs the debate stays always fruitful and professional.


The atmosphere of GOMUN is very unique. The unbelievably friendly environment which accompanies the whole conference creates awesome memories. Our conference will suit you whether you are an experienced MUN veteran or a complete beginner. With such surroundings it is a joy to work, spend time and gain new experiences at GOMUN.


Every single one of our organisers is passionate about providing the best MUN experience. With that go hand in hand for instance qualified and lectured staff, professional refreshment, fancy graphics and much more service for every participant.


GOMUN is one of the few conferences taking place in the Czech Republic. Since Gymnazium Omska is located in Prague (the capital of Czechia and the heart of Europe itself) near the city centre, it is easily accessible for any European delegations as well as delegates from other continents.


Apart from the location, GOMUN is one of the most accessible MUN conferences in Europe financially. Thanks to our broad network of sponsors and partners, we are able to push the participation fees very low and organise a memorable MUN event at the same time.