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    What is Model United Nations?

    Model United Nations

    Model UN is a student simulation of the United Nations organized by students of Gymnazium Omska in Prague, Czech Republic. In this simulation, students apply as delegates of various countries and defend their interests in several committees that we have designed according to real UN bodies (e.g. Security Council, Economic and Social Council, etc.).

    Each committee has 13 - 15 delegates and 1 - 2 set topics. Delegates have to negotiate and persuade the others in order to pass a resolution (just like in the real UN). For the debate not to be a complete mess, there is a chair - experienced MUN delegate, who moderates the discussion, takes care of all formalities, and is a intermediary between the organization team and the delegates.

    After committee work, all delegates assemble and discuss all committees' resolutions in the General Assembly - in order to become official GOMUN resolutions, they have to be approved by the GA (except for the Security Council).

    Everything in GOMUN is done in English, the official language of the conference. Debates also has its Rules of Procedure, which may seem a bit complex at a glance, but it is essentially just one repeating cycle. We will send it to you as a simple scheme after you register.

    GOMUN online

    Due to the current situation, we cannot organize our real-life MUN in Prague, which usually takes place in November, so we decided to organize GOMUN now, when schools are closed.

    If computers are like quantum physics to you, no worries! - we will take care of all technicalities and provide you with simple instructions how to connect and work.

    Because everyting is done virtually, GOMUN online is free

    Why try Model UN?

    Participation in Model UN allows you to actively work on some of the most important today's skills:

    Solving issues

    where everyone has different goals


    your opinion even if it's unpopular

    Making compromises

    because everyone wants something else

    Improving English

    you simply have to use it

    Working with sources

    in a world overfilled with information

    GOMUN online committees


    Security Council:

    1. Limiting the economic, social, and political impacts of the current coronavirus outbreak

    Economic and Social Council:

    1. Stabilisation of the Central African Republic

    2. Resolving the Global Economic and Social Impact of Ecological Measures Taken in Order to Prevent Catastrophic Global Warming and Climate Change



    Human Rights Council

    1. Resolving the Issue of Human Rights Violations in Chechnya

    2. The Issue of Brutal Suppression of Hong Kong Protests

    Special Political and Decolonisation Committee

    1. Question of the Turkish - Syrian Border Conflict

    2. Resolving the Libyan Civil War



    Economic and Financial Committee

    1. Resolving the Oil Price War Between Russia and OPEC Member States

    2. Resolving the Issue of Enforceability of Interstate Debt Payments and the Impact of Such Enforcement on International Stability

    Historical Security Council

    1. Suez Canal Crisis



    Disarmament and International Security Committee

    1. Solution of the Western Sahara Conflict

    2. Creating guidelines for the enforcement of the Biological Weapons Convention (Threat of Potential Biological Weapons)

    UN Office on Drugs and Crime

    1. The Political Instability and Ongoing Warfare in Somalia

    2. The Issue of Drug Trafficking into Europe with regards to the participation of terrorist and separatist organisations in this activity


    How can I apply?

    To apply, you have to be a high school or college student

    Recommended level of English is B1/B2 or better

    After submitting your assignment with your preferences, you will be shortly informed about what to do next

    You can view the form in a new window


    Open Rules of Procedure!

    Rules of Procedure

    Open Position Paper Guide!

    Position Paper Guide