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Being the first UN General Assembly committee, it is clear that DISEC enjoys respect and also bears a lot of responsibility. It deals with all kinds of armament and international security related topics. The committee also cares about regional disarmament, i.e. prevention of further violence in post-conflict regions. DISEC is a great body for almost everyone interested in international relations. Its session is full of negotiations among countries that all want to enhance their influence and get the best deal possible for themselves.
Topic #1 - Isis War Criminals in Kurdish Facilities

In March 2019 the Kurds called out to the world that they ask for the states from which criminals from ISIS in their custody originate to either take them back home for trial or to help organise new “Nuremberg trials” for these war criminals. So far there has not been much response from the world but the diplomatic channels have swung into action and as Turkey keeps threatening the Kurds, the question of how to put the former ISIS fighters to trial is getting more and more troubling. If Turkey were to attack the Kurdish militias again, it is possible that many criminals might escape and evidence may be lost. The situation is therefore a race with time, money and prestige. The UN must keep in mind the right of all for fair trial but also the fact that such horrible crimes that have happened during the war with ISIS must never go unpunished and that an example should once again be made like it was 74 years ago.

Topic #2 - Hypersonic Weapons Ban

Hypersonic weapons are the newest threat to the global peace. They are many times faster than the speed of sound, can carry deadly warheads and are currently basically without a counter. As a result, they cannot be stopped if any state decides to perfect their production and use them in battle. Weapons with such potential open a completely new possibility of an all out war in which a defending nation which cannot stop the enemy hypersonic weapons might resort to using weapons of mass destruction. Another threat is, that owning hypersonic weapons would give a state an incredible amount of power and would likely result in another global arms race. With proper regulation, however, such a scenario can be prevented, as proven with the nuclear weapons. It is therefore the job of the UN to determine if and how to restrict hypersonic weapons and if it should try to sponsor development of protective measures against hypersonic weapons.

Country Matrix
Federal Republic of Germany
Federative Republic of Brazil
French Republic
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Kingdom of Denmark
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Sweden
Lebanese Republic
People's Republic of China
Republic of India
Republic of Indonesia
Republic of Iraq
Republic of Tunisia
Republic of Turkey
Russian Federation
State of Israel
Syrian Arab Republic
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America