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ECOSOC is responsible for tackling international economic questions with regard to human rights, sustainable development and other social-cultural aspects. It can focus on further developing certain regions, on restabilising economics in regions hit by a natural catastrophe or by armed conflict, etc. The committee is a good choice for both inexperienced and veteran delegates as its issues are not very complicated, but all countries put most of their effort into defending their interests, which makes the negotiations challenging. The topics GOMUN Secretariat chose for this year’s conference also put a lot of international relations issues into the debate as the reconstruction of Middle East is a very dividing topic.
Topic #1 - Rebuilding the Middle East

Middle East has been in a state of constant war for the last decades. Now, however, with the defeat of ISIS being imminent and stability returning to the region it is time to consider how to prevent any such thing from happening again. Many states have an interest in the stability of Middle East as it is rich in resources and also lies at a key crossroads between Asia, Africa and Europe. There are also many belligerents left in the region, though. Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a mini-Cold War, Iran and Syria alike keep threatening Israel and Russia keeps assisting the regime of president Assad in fighting the last pockets of resistance in the brutal civil war. UN must therefore not only come up with a plan of how to rebuild the region and start up its economics but also how to prevent the states who are at odds with each other from starting a new conflict.

Topic #2 - Sustainable Development in South East Asia

Technological development in Asia has given many people much better lives than their parents had. The region is, however, also the biggest producer of harmful emissions and China itself produces more than ¼ of CO2 emissions globally. With such petrifying statistics it is time that the world reacts especially in wake of the environmental protests throughout the western world. As many governments are being accused of not doing enough for the environment, especially in Europe, how will they deal with the crisis in Asia? The UN must react to the voice of the people but it must also look at facts and all relevant statistics. And as South East Asia is the biggest polluter in the world, the UN must determine how to keep the progress of the economy steady in the region while also drastically reducing the pollution this progress is causing to the whole world.

Country Matrix
French Republic
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Islamic Republic of Iran
Kingdom of Denmark
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Sweden
Kingdom of Thailand
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Lebanese Republic
People's Republic of China
Republic of Indonesia
Republic of Iraq
Republic of the Philippines
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Republic of Turkey
Russian Federation
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
State of Israel
Syrian Arab Republic
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America