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HRC is one of the most important bodies of the UN. It observes the human rights situation in the whole world and acts if any abuse of these rights surfaces. Topics of the HRC are often very sensitive as it might save many people from having their rights abused. That, however, depends on the approach of the UN Member States that very often follow their own interests. Therefore, HRC is a perfect opportunity for delegates who enjoy negotiations, which are crucial in this committee, nonetheless, direct confrontation might not be necessary as the delegates can instead try negotiating and forming fragile alliances in its best.
Topic #1 - Violations of Human Rights of Uyghurs in China

Rights of minorities in China have always been a problem, be it religious minorities or ethnic minorities. Uyghurs, however, are both as they are not Han (the prevalent ethnic group in China) and also adhere to islam, which makes their culture quite distinct from the rest of the Chinese. In a society which prefers group identity as in the Chinese one that of course is a problem, an irregularity. The government has therefore for long tried to force the Uyghurs to integrate more into the majority of society. Protests against integration resulted in repressions and Chinese government created so-called re-education camps which formally aim to provide the population with means of integration. Truth, however, is often disputed as many eyewitnesses and experts alike claim, that the re-education camps are more concentration camps and that many Uyghurs who do not strictly agree with the government simply disappear and are either imprisoned or killed and their organs are claimed to be sold on the black market. Such claims cannot be ignored and the UNHRC must decide whether they are true and if so whether it wants to create a precedent with China as one of the P5 members as to dissuade any other states from breaching the human rights on the future.

Topic #2 - Human rights violations in Palestine

Palestine is an area comprised of the West Bank and Gaza Strip territories currently controlled by Israel. The State of Israel says that Palestinians have the same rights as Jews on its territory as its constitution grants the same rights to all citizens. Many West Bank Palestinians on the other hand complain that the Police or the military targets them much more often that regular Israelis for checks and are a lot more likely to step in their protesting activities and that the justice system is biased against them. Many Israeli politicians say, that it is obvious Palestinians are much more scrutinised since they commit most of the crimes is Israel. While that is most likely true, citizens of the Gaza strip, which is controlled by the Hamas, have a much better claim since their cities are often bombed and their territory is blocaded by both Israel and Egypt. The bombing do not occur without provocation however, as Hamas often conducts attacks on the Israeli territory and is branded as a terrorist organisation. The question to the UN therefore is, whether Israel is within legal boundaries and only utilizes these boundaries to protect its peaceful citizens and reacts adequately to the threat or if it is overstepping and should be encouraged to find another way of protection.

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People's Republic of China
Republic of India
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