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Before you apply, we recommend you to first go through the page so you know everything about the registration process. You can also check all important deadlines so that you do not have to stress yourself.
Key deadlines
1st May Registrations open
15th June Early Bird fee discount expires
15th October Registration closes
25th October Position Paper deadline
8th November GOMUN 2019!






If you do not register with anyone else, you want to go for this option. All the communication will be done directly with you so we recommend you to check your email regularly as there are deadlines for certain actions (e.g. the payment).

If you want to participate with you schoolmates, but the group will not be organised by your school, let us know and we will choose the option most suitable for you. If your application is organised by your school, you, all your schoolmates, and your supervisor(s) should be applying as a Delegation.



Applying as a delegation is more comfortable as there is only one supervisor who communicates with our Secretariat and if you are not from Prague, one member of our staff will be assigned to your delegation. They will pick you up after your arrival to Prague and help with the hotel check-in, public transportation, etc. Of course, if you come to GOMUN with your school to chair a committee, you can joint your school's delegation.

You can apply as a Delegation even if you are not organised by your school. In that case, contact us prior to sending the application so that we know, who has been designated as a group leader.

How much is the fee and what does it contain?

The basic Delegate Fee is 800 CZK (32 EUR) - Early Bird Fee (until 15th June). Thereafter, the Fee changes to 900 CZK (36 EUR). Fee for the chairs is 625 CZK (24 EUR).

Delegation supervisors get the complete Delegate Fee Pack, while their Supervisor Fee makes 400 CZK (16 EUR).

The Delegate Fee Pack covers entry to the conference and everything you may need during the event. You can scroll down and see for yourself. However, if you would e.g. like to come to Prague a day before the event and join our Prague tour, there is a possibility of adding these special parts of the programme into your fee. Feel free to do so, we will be happy to manage it for you. Please note that accommodation is not part of the Fee Pack.

Pre-GOMUN animation programme

Prague is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Why not take a closer look while you’re here? Our team has worked hard to prepare the ultimate journey through the history of Prague and the Czech Republic as a whole for you. The animation program is designed to introduce you to all of the major Prague sights, as well as important events in the Czech history, all of that in just one day.

The programme includes a professionally guided tour by McGee’s entertainment, a workshop about the common life during the communist regime, screening of one of the best Czech movies, a river cruise, traditional lunch and dinner, and a public transport ticket for the whole day. Programme is scheduled on 7th of November, the day before the conference from 10am to 10pm, price is 1560 CZK (61 EUR).

What does the Delegate Fee Pack contain?
Delegate Kit

One of the fundamental part of most conferences, our being not an exception. You can be assured that you will find all the basics in your kit, i. e. handbook, notebook or note sheets.

However, we believe that the delegates kit shouldn’t be just a stack of papers so you can expect things such as pens, badges and more. All of this is packed into a beautiful compact-sized folder.

4-day catering

Catering is a must have for every MUN conference. Your fee includes 4 meals (throughout the four days of GOMUN). On the Opening ceremony and General assembly, the first and last day, you can expect delicious baguettes.

During the weekend committee sessions a hot professionally prepared meal will be served in our school bufé. If you have any dietary needs, there is no reason to worry, just fill it out in the application form and we will take care of the rest.

Official event

It is always good to have an event, where one can forget about politics and get together for an evening of cultivated fun. We have prepared a small ball for all our delegates and guests.

The event will take place in the Paspův hall during the evening hours of Sunday 10th of November, the last committee day, and is to be accompanied by live music and lots of laughter and dancing.

Always-present refreshment

Apart from the lunches, great snacks and beverages which will be present during the whole conference, get ready for plenty of cold and hot beverages available in the committee room and cookies, fruits and vegetables in the bufé on each floor. Prepared for you will also be a plethora of homemade sweets and even waffles. The snacks will also be adapted to your dietary needs.