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Being the most known and the most powerful body of the United Nations, the Security Council offers an interesting challenge for experienced delegates. Its responsibility is to maintain international peace and security, which is taken care of by 15 members. 5 out of these are the so-called Permanent 5 (P5) - winners of World War II that represent the world's major powers. They also possess the veto right which makes the debate really interesting as negotiations have to be held permanently. The other 10 states are elected by the UN General Assembly and in GOMUN, the 10 countries most interested in the topic are selected.
Topic #1 - Threat of Iran's Potential Nuclear Weapons

The diplomatic crisis around Iran has been caused by the Islamic Republic’s strive to develop, test, own and most probably use weapons of mass destruction (WMD), especially nuclear ones in a possible war with either Israel or the West. Since Israel is also rumored to have nuclear weapons and other WMD, Iran claims to counter Israel’s power by its development programme. Most nations, however, don’t view Iran’s nuclear ambitions as beneficial. They fear, that a dictatorial regime ike Iran with very little self-reflection might irresponsibly use the weapons in a possible conflict with its counterparts in the Middle East as the region is known for constant wars and instability. It is also a fact that Iran’s army is mostly composed of obsolete technology and conscripts which is in stark difference with the western supported armies of other states in the Middle East. Therefore it must be determined by the UN how to ensure that Iran does not pose a threat to the regional peace but also how to possibly compensate the Islamic Republic for the loss of protection which the development and ownership of nuclear weapons undeniably provides.

Country Matrix
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Federal Republic of Germany
French Republic
Islamic Republic of Iran
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
People's Republic of China
Republic of India
Republic of Iraq
Republic of Turkey
Russian Federation
State of Israel
Syrian Arab Republic
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America
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