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SPECPOL has been established as one of the six main UN committees. It had dealt with the issue of colonies desiring to gain independence and had overseen the whole process. Now, however, there are no more colonial issues, and yet SPECPOL has kept its importance. Its agenda now consists of various geopolitical questions, e.g. Kurdistan, Balochistan or peacekeeping operations revival.

It also begins to tackle issues of the outer space, which its delegates will have the opportunity to deal with in GOMUN 2019. SPECPOL is along with the Security Council probably the most challenging committee. That is because the tension between interested countries often over escalates and delegates in the committee enjoy a heated debate. That does not mean that we do not recommend SPECPOL to newcomers but those who sign up for this committee must be ready to stand their ground and take some blows.
Topic #1 - Space Conflict Prevention

In recent years space conflict keeps sounding less and less as a sci-fi and more as a reality. Back in the 1980s USA already had a space war programme in development under president Ronald Reagan. The programme was nicknamed “Star Wars” and even though it was later abolished many countries have since developed their own “space weapons”. In light of India’s test of a anti-satellite missile which was successful the global powers need to convene and decide what should be the next step as now more and more states are acquiring the space war capability. Such a war would have an immense impact. A lot of what we think of as a certainty, like the internet, GPS, mobile phone signal, comes to us from the Earth’s orbit. But as right now many militaries are capable of destroying anything on it. we are not only risking destruction of all we have built up there so far but also polluting the orbit to such an extent with debris (from destroyed satellites, rockets etc.) that it will become unusable forever, trapping us down on the planet. The UN must therefore determine how to approach the possibility of space warfare, if to put any limits on space-going weapons and how to treat the Earth orbit altogether since it is vital for the life on this planet.

Topic #2 - Indian - Pakistani Border Tension

The tension along the borders of India and Pakistan is a conflict as old as the two modern states. It originated from the british colonial empire and found its way to the mentality of both of the nations. Many thought the conflict to be dead for some time but it sparked back to life as Pakistan shot down an indian jet fighter over the disputed Kashmir region. The pilot survived and was later returned home but that was not the end of the crisis. Kashmir region is a troubled area with frequent terrorist attacks and giant social problems. Further north there is another dispute over the Siachen are where China also administers part of the disputed territory. Consequently, it is a three-sided conflict which by springing back to life is endangering the whole world as all three engaged states have nuclear weapons and more than enough capability to use them along with other weapons of mass destruction. With such a threat the UN must act quickly and finally act as a mediator to this age old conflict and find a suitable solution to preserve peace in the region and the whole world.

Country Matrix
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Federative Democratic Republic of Nepal
Federative Republic of Brazil
French Republic
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Islamic Republic of Iran
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Italian Republic
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Lebanese Republic
People's Republic of Bangladesh
People's Republic of China
Republic of India
Republic of Indonesia
Republic of Iraq
Republic of South Africa
Republic of Turkey
Russian Federation
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America