The environmental subcomittee was created by the GOMUN Security Council on a special meeting prior to the annual assembly. The Member States have delegated special representatives to attend this meeting and they have agreed to the proposal of the delegates of Ireland and Norway to create a subcommittee of the Security Council in accordance with Chapter V Article 29 of the Charter of the United Nations specialising in the environmental threats to global peace, safety and security. As its first topic, the committee has been assigned the issue of extreme pollution generated by single states and will convene to resolve it.
Delegates of approving the GOMUN Security Council: Albania, Brazil, China, France, Gabon, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

TOPIC: Solving the critical implications of excessive emissions originating from world’s most polluting states or state unions

There are several states or states unions (e.g. the EU) that generate disproportionately more emissions than any other state in the world. Such a conduct is highly threatening to the fragile environment of the Earth and will inevitably result in these states being responsible for climate change and pollution which can severely impact other states and eradicate entire communities. As such a result would certainly lead to a conflict if not war, the Security Council Environmental Subcomittee must find a solution to such a threat.