The Human rights council concerns itself with the violations of basic human rights, as defined by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, around the Earth. It is one of the General Assembly committees but it also has an indirect influence on the Security Council as it often resolves the same conflicts.

TOPIC 1: The issue of slave and unfair labour especially in the fast fashion industry

Labour standards in some of the Member States are a grave concern to the international protection of human rights. When a state allows its citizens to be employed by a company under conditions close to slavery, such state is clearly violating The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, the Human Rights Council will consider solutions to such danger.

TOPIC 2: The ongoing issue of interracial hate, misunderstanding and inequality

The issue of interracial hate is often discussed these days, since there is finally an almost universal strife for equal conditions for all throughout the world. The Human Rights Council must, however, consider all forms of interracial hatred. Thereby the committee will convene to attempt to unify the Member States behind a resolution aiming to end hatred, inequality and misunderstanding among all the races, including any and all forms of racism regardless of its origins (i.e. both racism and the so-called reverse racism).