In June 2017, a group of students from Gymnazium Omska and passionate MUN delegates decided to take on a great challenge of organising their own MUN with no previous experience. And that’s where the story of GOMUN began. The 1st introductory conference was nothing huge in scope or significance and only invited about 50 participants from Prague. However, in the end, the event turned out to be very successful and satisfactory for both the organisers and the delegates. The feedback was mostly positive and implied that a perspective future awaited GOMUN. Thanks to this introductory GOMUN, the Organisation Team gained the experience and created contacts that allowed us to grow much bigger and better.


The first official GOMUN conference was held in October 2018. Since the introductory conference, the Organisation Team grew much larger which allowed much more work to be done and therefore another GOMUN event could happen. In comparison to the first annual conference approximately 3 times more attendees participated in the conference. Many of those participants didn’t only come from the Czech Republic but also from countries abroad such as Poland or Germany. Facilities and services had also greatly improved thanks to all the support from our patrons and sponsors. All of that combined created an unforgettable atmosphere which contributed to the most amazing MUN event we could dream of when organising the 2nd GOMUN conference. According to the feedback, every delegate enjoyed the conference and so did we. Still, the Organisation Team is determined to make the upcoming GOMUN even more memorable.


The following conference took place in November 2019 and the quality of GOMUN was significantly increased. The Organisation Team put a great emphasis on the comfort and enjoyment of the attendees. As a result, the number of committees was increased to seven  ensuring a broad variety of options and topics for each participant. In total, the conference hosted over 160 delegates from countries all around Europe and farther. Furthermore, GOMUN 2019 prides itself with its stupendous social event in the form of a ball. It gained great reviews from the participants, given the uncovnetional type of the event, and was also a great joy for the organisers.


The year 2020 was significantly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the traditional GOMUN conference was cancelled. The Organisation Team, however, did not get discouraged and managed to hold an online conference in May. Having no experience with organising online events, the conference turned out unexpectedly great. There was a total of five committees opened, entertaining over 100 delegates.