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4. - 7.11. 2022



Our conference will suit you whether you are an experienced MUN veteran or a complete beginner.



Qualified and lectured staff, professional refreshment, fancy graphics and much more service for every participant.



It is easily accessible for any European delegations as well as delegates from other continents.


If you have not received a confirmation email about your registration (that you have been succesfully registered, NOT the email confirming your committee), contact us via Instagram  (@gomunconference) or Email ( as soon as possible (please, check out your spam box beforehand).

What is MUN?

Model United Nations (abbrev. MUN) is an educational event invented for high-school students from all over the world. The concept simulates a UN conference during which students (delegates of UN countries) separate into various committees and discuss today’s greatest issues. During a two-day debate the delegates are supposed to come up with a solution suitable for the majority of countries represented at the conference. These solutions are then discussed at the General Assembly, the great finish that all MUN conferences lead to. The debate is moderated by realistic Rules of Procedure which the participants have to comply with.


A delegate should comply with basic requirements in order to apply. A delegate should;

  • be a high school (15-20 years old) or university student (20-24 years old)
  • have an intermediate level of English
  • submit a Position Paper one week prior to the conference
  • pay the delegate fee: 1100 Kč / 45 €

Please, be aware that if you cancel your registration one week or less before the conference, you are obligated to pay the full delegate fee.


Gymnázium Omská, Omská 1300/4, Praha 10

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