The Historical Security Council runs by the same rules and structures as the Security Council, albeit one significant difference. It is moved to the past. In the Historical Security Council, delegates relive, influence, and potentially alter the outcome of key historical events. Therefore, delegates represent countries that existed tens of years ago. This way they can delve deeply into their interesting histories.

TOPIC:  The Trojan War

This year’s Historical Security Council will bring us back to the 12th century BC. Dark years have befallen upon the Mediterranean. It has been 8 years since hundreds of Achaean ships sailed to Troy, 8 years of intense fighting bringing death to thousands. The condition of northern Anatolia is no longer bearable. Finally, the highest representatives of both sides, joined by involved gods, agreed to peace negotiations keeping in mind the well-being of their citizens. The outcome of this security council is going to be crucial for both sides. The future of Greece and Troy as well as countless lives are now at stake. 


Intermediate: Aphrodite – Goddess of love, Artemis – Goddess of nature, Hera – Queen of Gods, Athena – Goddess of wisdom, Hector – Prince of Troy, Menelaus – King of Sparta, Odysseus – King of Ithaca, Achilles – King of the Myrmidons, Menestheus – King of Athens

Advanced: Zeus – King of the Gods, Hades – God of the underworld, Poseidon – God of sea, Ares – God of war, Priam – King of Troy, Agamemnon – King of Mycenae

List of available countries here