The Special Political and Decolonisation Committee is among the General Assembly committees. It primarily focuses on political disputes and less serious conflicts, however, it can also tackle issues otherwise reserved for the Security Council. It can also act, as it is the case on this year's GOMUN, as a forum for parties to an international treaty to resolve their misunderstandings outside of the General Assembly and yet within the United Nations.

TOPIC 1: The issue of breaches of the Antarctic treaty system

The system of international treaties made to protect Antarctica and prevent anyone from seizing its precious lands is being threatened by both the global warming and individual Member States. As global warming makes Antarctica more and more accessible, its resources certainly are attractive for many. Indeed, some breaches to the system have already occured and must not be allowed to continue if we wish to preserve Antarctica as a natural heritage for all of humanity.

TOPIC 2: The reignited conflict in Palestine

The conflict between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine has been raging for over 70 years and has claimed countless lives. Recently, the conflict has reignited over the slightest pretext. As it becomes clear that both parties are in such tension that the smallest misunderstanding instantly ignites a military response, it is necessary for the SPECPOL committee to find a lasting solution that could lead to peace in the region.